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Quotes Rebound Physical Therapy is a fabulous facility with skilled doctors and a friendly staff. I fell running and earned myself compression fractures in the bottom of my femur in May. Joe has been instrumental in reducing the pain while helping me rebuild my muscles from stopping running. He is excellent at asking questions and listening to understand what is causing the pain and the source of it to correctly and efficiently treat the pain and aid in an effective recovery. Joe assigned home exercises to work with my weekly PT sessions and also provided alternate exercises for when I was on 1000 mile road trips to do while sitting. Review form Quotes
Kelley W.
Fabulous facility with skilled doctors and a friendly staff.

Quotes I have had issues with my hip for the years and after many doctors and physical therapists, was referred to Joe at Rebound. Joe is just awesome! He is fun and friendly and a great physical therapist. I had pain just balancing on my leg and after the first appointment, felt so much better with significantly less pain. Review form The equipment and facility are both clean, modern and new and is a great environment for PT. The staff are also professional and frienfly. Quotes
Kim D.
Felt so much better