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Quotes Joe is phenomenal!!! His love and passion for what he does and the amazing care he gives to his patients is fantastic. Rebound is by far one of the BEST physical therapy offices around. Quotes
A very satisfied patient

Quotes I love coming to Rebound because I feel confident that they will get me back in the game! Quotes

Quotes THREE GENERATIONS GO TO REBOUND!! Originally Joe was recommended by my friend, a physical therapist. Rebound helped my son recuperate from 2 shoulder surgeries and numerous athletic injuries in the past 5 yrs. My parents (80+yrs old) have balance and strengthening needs--Rebound has helped them tremendously. I used Rebound when I injured my hamstring a few years ago. Rebound is very 'hands-on" in their treatment plans. They stretch and massage the effected areas (ouch), not only observe the client while going through exercises. The office staff are knowledgeable & friendly. You can tell the whole group working there enjoys their jobs. Thanks you REBOUND!!! Quotes
Beth Cornelius
RN, satisfied patient

Quotes Katie and Joe truly are wonderful people. I am not only pleased to say that I am 100% healed; I have never felt better in my life. Thanks Rebound for all that you do. It is rare to find such caring people. - Don H. Quotes
Don H.

Quotes I am a past co-worker of Joe Kafati and have been in the physical therapy industry for 7 years. I have never worked with a more professional, educated, caring individual than him. I highly recommend Joe and his staff to everyone I know. His sense of concern for his patients is untouched. - MC Quotes
A past co-worker

Quotes We send the majority of our physical therapy patients to Rebound for physical therapy. All of our patients love Joe and the staff! We are very happy with the care our patients receive. - NW Quotes
Rebound Physical Therapy
Doctor's Respect Us

Quotes I've been to Rebound for multiple issues over the last 3 years. They've helped me with my shoulder, my foot, my TMJ and my vertigo. It's a professional environment with a very helpful and friendly staff. I highly recommend them and will continue to return for any future issues. Quotes
Best Place To Go

Quotes I've had degenerating discs for years. This spring they were really bad. X-rays and an MRI confirmed spinal stenosis, arthritis, and bone spurs in my lower back. The pain would wake me up in the middle of the night and it was impossible to sleep let alone drive to Buckhead to work. Joe got me in, started a program that included exercises, deep tissue massage, and traction. I am very happy to report that after six or seven weeks I am pain free with complete mobility. I can actually state that Joe gave me my life back. It's a warm, friendly place where many of the other patients talk to each other as well, sharing jokes and stories to pass the time. I strongly recommend Rebound Physical Therapy to anyone who is in pain and needs relief. Quotes
Joe's the best!

Quotes Best in the north west I am a nurse & have been a patient @ Rebound twice for total knee replacements. Joe, Katie & Lauren are the best physical therapists in the business. They are compassionate but firm & help you to achieve the goals that will get you back to a normal life. Coming to Rebound was the best choice I have ever made. Read on Quotes
Rebound Physical Therapy

Quotes Outstanding staff. Rebound PT has a friendly and supportive team who are concerned for your recovery. There is no question where I will go if I need PT services again. Review form Quotes
Allan L.
Outstanding staff.